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The perfect brows get you noticed and give you confidence. Because eyebrows illustrate your unique individual charm and it enhance your assets which allows you to define who you are.
With many years of experience, About Leanne’s Thailand is one of the most established eyebrow experts who has devoted its expertise and passion to create striking arches and instant beauty for women who seeks perfection.  Every design aims to bring out unique charm in the modern women who exude confidence, edgy attitude and unrestrained glamor.

Leanne’s design philosophy is based on its key elements of Art-Science-Skill to achieve the most natural and beautiful eyebrow shape, color and style. Leanne’s employs the approach of 1mm precision together with the Science of Color Temper and Leanne’s signature Natural Definition (ND) technique.  As eyebrows occupy a very small portion of the face, precision is the key to creating the perfect brows with symmetrical balance. Even a 1mm mistake will be noticeable and that’s why precision is one of the key factors.

At Leanne’s there is never a one-shade-fits-all template.  In order to create gorgeous natural looking eyebrows, Leanne’s-exclusive Science of Color Temper turns the diversity in hair and eye color into the right color customization to produce what we call “ True Color Reality”. Hence, natural defined brows for each individual client are beautifully created.

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